John Pals

Welcome to IT Pals B.V.

Hi, my name is John and on behalf of our team I would like to welcome you to IT Pals BV.

IT Pals BV is a dynamic company which specializes in user customizable professional solutions. We offer solutions to all your website needs. Our highly experienced team has top experts in the fields of programming (iOS, Websites, Windows tools), designing (logos, websites), ethical hacking, and server administration (Linux, Windows, OS X).

We work with semi-large companies and provide them with the best solutions available. We know that many times the solution to your web-based problem is beyond the scope of standard software. We are here to carefully analyze your concerns and then offer unique and specific software solutions. We find the most efficient way to take your business to a higher level and help you to reach your full professional potential.

Our goal is to deliver a website with higher performance to you, which ultimately yields higher visitor engagement, greater retention and larger conversion rates.

If you are looking for a professional solution to your problem, we would try all the ways in which we can be of service.


Changing business for the better,